Str8 Out Da Trunk

Wassup, wassup, wassup again… it’s me. TAY. Yes. I’m blogging now. Got some bigger & better things going on & instead of making you watch some Instagram video, I’m forcing that brain of yours to read some shit right? “SODT” (Str8 Out Da Trunk). Independent just like the artists this platform is for. I’m looking for people I think are dope from the city to be apart of something that’s gon be legendary. We gotta start somewhere though. That’s where yall come in. I’m all across social media searching for some folks that are looking to take what they do seriously but don’t know what steps to take. Just like myself. This is not a “give me your money & we gon make shit happen for you” type of deal. We are here to connect artist who want to collaborate & push the same agenda. Everybody wants to heard right? Might as well link up, create, & help push each other to where we can benefit each other too. Me myself, I’m based out of Nashville. But I’m reaching out to everyone I can touch. Memphis, Chatt, Knoxville, fuck. If you from Lawrenceburg & you spitting, let’s work! This shit is for organic collaboration. I’m posting rappers, singers, beat makers, anything that got something to do with music. You can connect & reach out to all of em & work because I’m only dealing dealing with people who really want this shit to work for them. Can’t say everybody gon work free of charge though. Can’t knock a man’s hustle, only respect it. As for me, I do this shit for free. I love what I do, the money will come with it. Regardless of all that, we show support to receive support. Everybody gon win. That’s the plan anyway. My links will be here if yall wanna contact me directly, along with some music music shit you can check out as well. I’ll be hitting yall up soon.





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