Our philosophy

Hustle beats talent, when talent doesn’t hustle… Two questions I ask all independent artist, who are in your opinion, the top 5 most coldest rappers and who are the top 5 most successful? With every response the list differs. I have seen more and more rappers with little skill become very successful entertainers simply because they hustle harder. You can have all the bars and be considered “dope” amongst their peers. Without the hustle you’re just a talented person. Here at Str8 Out Da Trunk we believe to really be successful you have to put in the footwork.

About Us

This website was designed to help independent of all genres get exposer. Social media has provided a good platform to get you on the road to a successful career but it still takes footwork. After all there are millions of people trying to break through in the entertainment industry. Ask yourself three questions… 1)Who knows about me? 2)How many people…if any visit my profile and listen to or observe my work? 3)How can I get noticed ?

After asking yourself these three questions…It’s very simple….


We have a team of event researchers that travel throughout the country networking with promotors, managers, and talent scouts. It has been proven that word of mouth is the best form of getting exposed. Our team will sit down with you, converse through FaceTime or via email to discuss strategies made just for you and your present situation. You may say why deal with http://www.str8outdatrunk.com …I will give you three reason.

1. We increase your chances of getting noticed.

2. You remain in control of your career with my help an option

3. We do the footwork for you

For all questions and artists inquiries send emails to us@str8outdatrunk.com. We look forward to working with you. Our goal is to make to world know who you are.